This Woman Was Set On Killing Herself. Til A Friendly Bus Driver Pulled Up And This Happened.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. You’d never think that this bus driver was a superhero in disguise. When he saw a suicidal woman preparing to kill herself while everyone else ignored her … he knew exactly what to do.

Darnell Barton is a bus driver. He isn’t known for being a hero, but what he did when was going along his usual route in Buffalo is amazingly heroic.

While driving over a bridge, he saw a woman clinging to the wrong side of the guard rail. She looked distraught and disconnected.

People were just walking by the woman, not helping her, not even noticing the woman about to kill herself.

Darnell stopped the bus full of high schoolers immediately. He approached her quickly. When he asked her if she wanted to go on the other side of the rail she said yes.

He sat and talked with her until counselors came.

“It didn’t seem real because what was going on around, traffic and pedestrians were going by as normal”, he said.

“I grabbed her arm and put my arm around her and said “Do you want to come on this side of the guardrail?”, and that was actually the first time she spoke to me she said yes.”

Darnell was in the right place at the right time, because without him, everyone else would have ignored her. She would have jumped to her death.


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