We all bleed the same color

Jesus Risen


Easter holiday that the whole Christian world celebrates with great love , which we celebrate the feast in honor of the fact that Jesus was resurrected . Each year, the entire Christian world celebrates Easter , we rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and congratulate each other on this momentous occasion . Christ is […]

Top Turn-ons For Men


#1 A Great Shape She doesn’t have to have an hourglass shape or be thin as a rail, either. As long as she’s got a beautiful shape, that’s going to be a turn on. #2 Sense of Humor Unfortunately, not everyone was blessed with a great sense of humor, especially one that can keep up […]

Mind Blowing Facts About Dreams


#1 You Can Reach Orgasm In Your Dreams Those who can reach lucid dreaming, can feel the pleasure of sex in their dreams. They may even reach a real, physical orgasm. Dream on! #2 Negative Emotions Are More Common In Dreams Than Positive Emotions Most people experience anxiety in dreams, as this is a time […]

These People Might Look Odd. But Take A Closer Look… It’s Not What You Think. At All.


If you’re worried about turning into your father or mother, we have bad news for you: you probably are. Photographer Ulric Collette’s series of photos called Portraits Genetiques (Genetic Portraits) shows just how similar family members are. He splits the photos down the middle and splices together faces of family members. Mothers, daughters, fathers and […]

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